About RightSquared & Louise Hutton-Bailey

RightSquared was created by Louise to turn the passion of the owners and leaders of SMEs into productivity. We do this by working hand in hand with you, bringing our experience and skills to your team. From deciding the improvement strategy through to delivery we are there with you. We don’t believe that bringing in skills through consultancy should be difficult. This isn’t a stuffy “man-in-suit” experience. We want to be part of your team!

If you want to quickly access the skills that can make your business more productive, in a friendly and flexible way, and with sensitivity to your existing team, culture and aims then RightSquared is here for you.

Working with you for as little or as long as you want we both help you make the strategic decisions and will be there with your team to deliver the change you need.

Do you want to know the best bit about working with RightSquared? The investment made in working with us is usually paid back in the first year from cost savings or growth!

Louise Hutton-Bailey & Office Dog Huginn

Louise Hutton-Bailey

Founder & Collaborative Consultant

Louise is a productivity geek with a 20 year history in manufacturing and operations leadership, before leaving the cut and thrust of the corporate world to work with SMEs; first as a business coach before starting RightSquared to enable her to give the sort of hands-on support that she could see so many of her clients really needed.